Cassel Salpeter Chairman and Co-Founder Appointed Honorary Consul for Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Miami June  13, 2023  – Cassel Salpeter & Co. Chairman and Co-Founder James Cassel was appointed Honorary Consul for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with jurisdiction over Florida in Miami. 

Cassel will represent the interests of Luxembourg and its citizens in Florida by assisting Luxembourgish citizens with travel-related and other needs, supporting official civic events, engaging with local authorities, and supporting and promoting Luxembourg’s culture and economy. 

“I am honored and pleased to lend my support to the people of Luxembourg and its business community,” Cassel said. “Helping open doors to other cultures, communities, and businesses visiting Miami and Florida is right in line with our firm’s values and commitment to civic engagement.” 

Cassel will also serve as a point of contact, working to promote trade and investment between Luxembourg and Florida, facilitating business connections, providing information about investment opportunities, and supporting Luxembourgish companies looking to do business in the region. 

James Cassel

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