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Community Bank M&A Likely to Take a Twist With Covid-19, Advisors Say

The trend of community bank M&A will likely take a twist in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as new challenges will reveal additional vulnerable targets, FIG sector advisors said. However, deal activity may not pick up until the end of the year as banks will take time after the financial markets stabilize to assess loan book damage, they added.

In the grip of COVID-19: Survival tips for your business

Shrouded in uncertainty and panic, COVID-19 is an ominous “gray rhino event” which, while not unanticipated, was ignored, and has significant social and economic impacts. With industries in crisis, markets plunging, and doomsayers predicting an economic catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions, what can a middle-market business do to survive?

What’s Your 2020 Business Resolution?

When you’re making plans for your company, it can help to hear about the plans other business owners are making. I asked 18 people to share what their top business resolutions for 2020 are, and here’s what they had to say.