“Truly understanding the complexities of a deal is more than connecting the dots – it is making sound judgments rooted in thorough analysis and experience.” – Philip Cassel

“Speed in the absence of quality is meaningless. But when you combine speed with meticulous, comprehensive analysis, then you have a firm that really stands out.” – Laura Salpeter

“Information, data, research – these things can make or break a deal or valuation. It has to be up-to-date and it has to be fast.” – Chris Mansueto

“The difference between good financial advice and great financial advice comes down to how thorough your information is and the types of relationships you build. Every detail counts.” – Marcus Wai

“The combination of passion, intellectual skill, and social capital is what makes this firm unique. By utilizing all three, we deliver smart, effective investment banking solutions—which is precisely what our client’s need.” – Joseph “Joey” Smith

“Working with early stage companies is part art and part science. It is very important to be grounded from a financial point of view while considering the potentials of a venture.”- Judit Fabian

“We may not have seen it all, but we have seen a lot, and anything new that comes up is usually a variation of something we’ve already handled. I particularly enjoy the challenges of investment banking – when we have to roll up our sleeves and apply our creativity and common sense to achieve our clients’ goals.”- Jim Cassel

“Getting deals done for our clients is extremely rewarding. While we’re proud of our deals and other achievements, we consider the long-term relationships we have built with our clients, referral sources and other contacts as the foundation for our firm’s growth and greatest testament of the value we bring as investment bankers.”- Scott Salpeter

“Businesses always need capital, they always need advice. What sets us apart? We keep it smart, fresh, and straightforward – delivering clients exactly what they need.” –Jim Cassel

“In this business knowledge is everything. You have to know the trends, the industry, and the people. We’ve been there. We know.” –Scott Salpeter