Lakewood Organic received senior debt financing from Fifth Third Bank

  • Background: Lakewood Organics (“Lakewood”), based in Miami, FL, is an independent family juice company bottling a diverse line of pure organic and premium fruit juice products. Founded in 1935, Lakewood takes great pride in being a responsible steward of the Lakewood brand and holds true to its mission to provide the best quality juices to its customers.
  • Cassel Salpeter:
    • Served as financial advisor to the Company
    • Advised Lakewood in evaluating its financing options and provided assistance throughout the due diligence and closing process
    • Ran a targeted debt raise process, contacting 18 lenders
  • Challenges:
    • Assets held by different entities including the operating business, intellectual property, and real estate
    • Expedited timeline to close
  • Outcome: In May 2018, Lakewood Organics received senior debt financing from Fifth Third Bank to help support the Company in its pursuit of numerous growth initiatives.