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NephroGenex, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, is a specialty pharmaceutical Company that focused on the development of therapeutics to treat kidney disease. Based on financial considerations, the firm decided to pause its two key programs: 1) its Phase III clinical program for oral Pyridorin for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy and 2) its Phase I ready program for IV Pyridorin for the treatment of acute kidney injuries.


Headquartered in Miami, FL, BOXYCHARM is the premier monthly beauty box subscription service, delivering 4-5 full-size and luxury travel-size products of well-known, popular, chic, and up-and-coming cosmetic brands. BOXYCHARM’s unique value proposition is their ability to provide a combination of the newest and highest quality brands and products in full-size offerings, while most competitors offer sample-size products.

Thinking of selling your business? Avoid these costly mistakes

For middle-market business owners thinking of selling their businesses, it can be easy to make a common — and costly — mistake: having the wrong valuation expectation. Influenced by hearsay and news reports of high valuations related to larger businesses and mega mergers and acquisitions, they develop overinflated expectations for the value of their own companies. As a result, they put themselves in a position of becoming disappointed, wasting time and resources, and missing opportunities.

NephroGenex, Inc. Commences Voluntary Chapter 11 Proceeding; Seeks To Initiate Sale Process Under Section 363

In connection with its decision to seek Chapter 11 protection, NephroGenex has retained the investment banking firm of Cassel Salpeter & Co., LLC, to assist with the anticipated sale of its assets through a sale process under Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code. To that end, NephroGenex anticipates that it will seek approval by the Court of appropriate bidding and sale procedures in the early weeks of its Chapter 11 case.

5 Ways to Drive Business Growth

A common mistake for middle-market business owners is getting too caught up running day-to-day business operations and not allocating enough time to consider strategies to reposition and reinvent their companies when needed.

James Cassel on why Miami is a great city to build a career

What is the private equity environment like now? It changes in cycles. The industry is changing because of technology. If we had to do financial modeling 20 years ago it was very labor intensive, today tech gives you the ability to gather information much more easily. You still have to do a lot of work, don’t get me wrong, but technology has definitely made a different competitive environment.

The 7 secrets of attracting and keeping top talent

While it is great that unemployment is trending toward full employment, it is not so great that finding new and qualified employees will become even more challenging. In markets like South Florida where access to talent is already limited, this will only make a difficult situation worse.